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Ralph Capone doing his best Chris Evans impression

Team Chicago + Urban Dictionary

snarky-caponi replied to your post “what if he touches your steaks”

I’m touching them with seasonings YA mook

i don’t need any of your special seasonings

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maeecapone asked:
then make him wash his hands he listens to you more than me

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maeecapone asked:
what if he touches your steaks

now that crosses a line that not even a shared bloodline can mend

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maeecapone asked:
I hope you made al wash his hands after he grabbed his balls

leave the little guy alone. as long as he doesn’t touch me

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Domenick Lombardozzi at Boardwalk Empire premiere

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I’m marrying Frank off and anyone is welcome to have him, unless you are married or underage.

I am also marrying Ralph off but he doesn’t know that. Ralphie loves to love.

distract me with a steak and i’m yours


Mr Capooooooooooone

you have my attention

I can make steak and even make some really good spuds. I am the one for you

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